神界:原罪(Divinity: Original Sin)測試版14號升級檔+原創免DVD補丁(感謝會員thegfw原創製作)

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神界:原罪 測試版14號升級檔+遊俠原創免DVD補丁(感謝遊俠會員thegfw原創製作)

神界:原罪(Divinity: Original Sin)測試版14號升級檔+原創免DVD補丁(感謝會員thegfw原創製作)









- Made MAC version public
- Huge changes to enemy AI
- Fixed sorting issue on decals
- Added attitude notification after trade
- Fixed more steering problems
- Added repair description
- Added "cant reach" to all character tasks
- Added sorting to inventory
- Fixed character snapping to T-pase when removing armor in character creation
- Added better fallback for following characters
- Added leadership aura
- Added damage type text to combat log
- Timing fix for projectiles
- Fixed shutdown problems in server
- Fixed obediant trait
- Added animated healthbars
- Followers will behave more intellligent now.They are a bit more relaxed now.
- Added FPS cap to graphic options
- Fixed icons getting stuck when dragging items in the inventory
- More checks on profile names (this will fix the "Failed to copy level cache" error some people were experiencing)
- Added skill unlearn mechanic
- Added correct backgrounds to dialog icons
- Fixed several movement problems with teleportation and phoenix dive
- Loading of the menu scene is behind the loading screen now
- Fixed issues in GUID generation for multiplayer games
- Fixed scaling problems on particle systems
- Fixed issues with spells that fork
- Points in weapon skills now do 10% extra damage per point
- Fixed infinite attitude gains
- Added a lot more multiplayer connection error logging
- Show correct flanking penalty in UI
- Fixed bug with initial lobby visibility
- Talents and traits can be requirements now
- You cannot sel,ect items through walls anymore
- Added context menu
- Fixed game entering invalid state if connection lost while loading
- Repair will always fully restore durability
- Items with a level difference will use more AP when used
- Roofs will immediatly fade now when doing a region swap
- Added fade to black when doing a region swap
- Fixed messed up rendering when fading while having a replacement material
- Backstab has a preview mouse cursor now
- Changed max gold stackamount to 99999
- Improved reflections
- Made fire more intense
- Added SMAA as an anti-aliasing option
- Fail pickpocket when trader catches you before the act
- Dont show healthbar for items in an inventory
- Fixed item position sync on teleport
- Fixed issue with space bar in rock-paper-scissor game
- Made LoneWolf and Raistlin talent tooltips clearer
- Ice crystals are click through npw
- Fixed drag issues with Icewall skill
- Hide garments and gloves when equipping robes
- Fixed helmet option not being applies correctly
- Fixed Attack Of Oppertunity previewing conditions
- Weapons will lose durability also when the attack is blocked
- Enemies will use potions now
- Enemies will use arrows and scrolls now
- Fix switching of assignments while holding mouse
- Show camera coordinates instead of player on minimap
- The minimap will scroll when moving the camera
- Made Vitality tooltip more clear + show all talents involved
- Fix for scripts being initalized twice
- Atmosphere will snap now after loading a game
- Restore idle animation after being stunned
- Dragging containers in itself is blocked now instead of exploding
- Added option to send items to your homestead in the contextmenu
- Fixed drinking of potions that inflict statusses
- Chaining to group that is too far away doesnt work anymore.
- Fixed effect leak

- Correctly shutdown cameramanager
- Change cloud texture to non-srgb + make blood less shiny
- Disable homestead button now when in dialog
- No more AP reduction by elemental abilities
- Always show gray icon when interacting with chairs and beds
- Removed camera locking on player when outside of region
- In dialog camera snaps to speakers in different regions
- Invisible characters can no longer be sel,ected via their portrait
- Disable trade in jail
- Fixed rotations for skills
- Fix for logging immunities when there is a hit cause
- Fix for journal recipes not being sorted
- Inventory actions will work now for non sel,ected characters
- Fixed large material leak
- Changed edge panning to only pan at the edges
- Fix HP and AP restoration after save/load
- Set different target distances for small/large targets
- Fix for being able to drag objects to containers with no weight or range check.
- Dragging items to open containers will now issue a move-pickup task
- Fixed wrong normal aligning for falling items
- Disabled charm quality
- Magic lock will open any lock now
- Fixed weatherproof talent

- Fixed influence statusses being removed while still strength > 0
- Fixed rain atmosphere getting stuck
- When caught while stealing from a container will put the item back in the container
- Fix for equipment loading order
- Dont end turn when typing space in the chatlog
- A large amount of minor bugfixes and tweaks
- Several performance enhancements for lower tier CPUs


New:Level in the "discipline" or "school" ability now determines amount of skills you can learn of that discipline
Level 1 = 3
Level 2 = 5
Level 3 = 7
Level 4 = 9
Level 5 = unlimited
New:Skillbooks have level requirement + primary stat requirement (+ 2 have trait requirement)
New:AI now uses Magic more intelligently and appropriately
New:Enemies can now have scrolls and potions and are not afraid to use them
New:Default earth summon is now the Spider, not the Wolf.
New:Sneaking does not automatically do 2x damage anymore, you need guerilla for that
New:Ranger Lore and Warrior Lore and Rogue Lore no longer give bonuses per level, these bonuses have become talents
New:New names for abilities
New:New categories for abilities
New:New visuals for staffs and potions
New:Saving throws all go through either willpower or bodybuilding, not resistances
New:Most Citizens will no longer give XP
New:Most citizens now have a dagger
New:Shereth and Esmeralda have a bodyguard looking out for thieves
New:Skills and skillbooks requirements changed
New:You can now create skillbooks if you have level 2,3,4 or 5 in an elemental magic school, depending on level of skill
New:Magic unlock is no longer a skill you can learn, but you can find scrolls of the skill (cannot create book anymore, book will not drop from treasure)
New:Deltamods should never give boost to warriorlore/rangerlore/fire/air/water/earthlore
Improved:experience gain for combat, quests and exploration and experience balancing
Improved:weapon specialization abilities now give 10% damage increase per point, changed base weapon damage values
Improved:enemy armour rating
Improved:Item names
Improved:Treasure tables
Improved:All sorts of tooltips and descriptions
Fixed:Some itemcombos now require blacksmithing instead of crafting
Fixed:Esmeraldas backpack now looks like a backpack
Fixed:Esmeraldas backpack does not say "ingredient" anymore
Fixed:Updated description of empty jar
Fixed:Empty jar can now be combined with both types of beehives
Fixed:Tweaked effects of the "Immunity" skills and the "Shield" skills and clarified what they do
Fixed:The Knights Cure Wounds spell now heals a lot in one turn (about 50-60% of full bar), but costs 6AP and has big cooldown
Fixed:Many of the skills now either set a status or do damage.If they do both, they are either powerful, or only do a bit of damage/have low chance to set status
Fixed:Changes to armour:
- Cloth and leather bracers and shoes give less armour but still have no requirements
- Metal type bracers and shoes give more armour but have STR requirement
- Cloth and leather body armour have a bit lower armour score
Fixed:Changed requirements on talents
Fixed:Changed presets
Fixed:Changed Madora and Jahan stats and gave them talents
Fixed:Boosted durability of starting weapons so that people wouldnt waste it by accident before learning about durability
Fixed:Required Loremaster level to ID items
Fixed:Homestead should not contain high level loot
Fixed:Removed some weapons from homestead
Fixed:Gave bookIDs to books in homestead so that theres something in them to read
Fixed:Some items wouldnt stack
Fixed:Enemy staffs have elemental damage now
Fixed:New itemcombo:bar of soap + any key = lockpick
Fixed:Poison antidote potion now works and will drop from treasure & traders
Fixed:Can create antidote with itemcombo
Fixed:IceWall is immune to freezing
Fixed:Autocast is with small c so autocast skills are fixed now
Fixed:The backpack the players start with is not a high level item anymore
Fixed:Created blank witchcraft scroll and blank witchcraft book
Fixed:Can now create every scroll and skillbook from every school, also the new skills and the witchcraft ones
Fixed:More backpacks (for inventory organization) can be found in traders or treasure
Fixed:Charming Touch now works
Fixed:3 skeletons at start now have a chance to drop treasure
Fixed:Starting presets no longer start with charm/intimidate/reason
Fixed:Crushingfist animation for rogue skills should not be displayed, removed them
Fixed:Traders need loremaster and blacksmithing to be able to identify and repair
Fixed:Rogue skillbooks all teaching you the same skill
Fixed:Removed Pitchfork description
Fixed:Inanimate objects apparently also want to only be talked to by the source hunters
Fixed:Can put more points in "Shield Specialist" than 5 skill level, but it doesnt increase over 5
Better behaviour for sparring soldiers in Cyseal
Fixed:Waypoint shrine can be found and open only if clicked by.
Fixed:Madoras "The Enigmas are you?"- dialog triggered after talking to Yox.
Fixed:When you ask Victoria to let you lend books from the library, you also can loot her chest & belongings without remarks
Fixed:Cyseal - Evelynn:when you leave the house before the starstone scene, she keeps the stone
Different outfits for Esmeralda and the Duke of Ferol
Fixed:When you click on the doors in the Cyseal Church, your char says "it seems I cant use this right now" in stub text
Fixed:After re-customizing your character in homestead, you are inside the mirror (clipping in it)
Fixed:[Gameplay] 2nd point I put into Two-Handed skill did not improve my damage
Fixed:[Gameplay] Legendary items are not so legendary?
Changed:Community:You cant move water, oil or poison barrels even with strength 12.- intended ?
Fixed:A Thug pointlessly uses Nullify Resistance, wasting AP
Improved:Burning Immunity does not make you immune to fire damage
Fixed:[Graphics] Minor Dexterity potion has the same icon as healing potions
Fixed:Cure Wounds has a cooldown of 20 turns and heals for 15 hp, costs 6 AP and need to be in melee range of character
Fixed:Water Shield does not "freeze on contact"
Fixed:Telekinesis:the drop range and pickup range are different
Fixed:Characters that are scripted to move somewhere and are added to combat still finish their moveto
Fixed:Recipe books not added to the journal
Fixed:When stealing/vandalizing while a MoveTo script is being played -> causes issues when going into combat
Fixed:Trying to open the burning chest gives stub text:cant use that right now
Fixed:Cant pick up orders by click.
Fixed:Cyseal - orc stub dialog in evelynn lair - CIR fail/succeed
Fixed:Moving around/interacting issues with left-clicking
Fixed:Cyseal:Can walk in river
Fixed:Teleporter Pyramids\Story of the Stones quests cant be completed
Fixed:After arresting Esmerelda, when asking citizens about Jakes murder, it shows placeholder text
Fixed:Send Cecil to the library to check it out, then send the companion up instead of a main character -> block
Fixed:Stub CIR dialog in Evelyns Hideout when speaking to the band of orcs
Fixed:Thelyron & Jake are not appearing at Braccus, after completing Evelyn main quest & going to the church
Fixed:Teleporter pyramid at Cecilia can not be picked up
Fixed:Characters run through the wall instead of using the stairs.
Fixed:Script texts constantly appears above NPCs this build v1.2037
Fixed:If you find your first starstone at Braccus, you can get teleported to Homestead while still in combat
Fixed:Homestead - If after talking with Evelyn get to Zixzax, close the dialog with him in a minute, then the dual dialog disappears
Fixed:Castle door in Cyseal has wrong display name
Fixed:If you let the "Anemic Cultist" escape, then she reappears further in the shroud at full HP and starts running again
Fixed:When going to homestead in dialog -> upon returning to Cyseal -> issue
Fixed:Cyseal_Harbour - In the specified place it isnt possible to approach to the barrel
Fixed:[Gameplay] Smoke-Screen -> enemy Archers still hit you when standing in it
Fixed:[Graphics] Cudgel has the same icon & model as a branch
Fixed:[Gameplay] Companions start with level 3 stats but with level 1 ability points
Fixed:Madora has a starting skill which she cant use (Helping hand) because it requires Way of the warrior level 2.
Fixed:Scarllet gained -60 xp
Fixed:Picking up a washing tube leaves the content that was inside on the floor
Fixed:[Gameplay] Being in a dual dialog while getting a "Star Stone" effect (that ports you to shelter plane) = fully blocked
Fixed:Companion running around killing anything without repercussion
Fixed:Cyseal - sobbing orc - if you approach him unsheathed he says to put weapons away but you have no option to
Fixed:Braccus bossfight - The other mini-bosses that are spawned do not join the fight due to line of sight, have to run closer
Fixed:[Gameplay] After completing Jakes Murder, there should be some kind of hint given where to go to start Braccus quest
Fixed:Two Arhus at his home.
Fixed:Cyseal - can sit inside the table in evelynn s house
Fixed:Zixzax has generic citizen dialog when you attack him
Fixed:Hammer & Repair Hammer -> same item but one has stats, other does not
Fixed:Bellegar has generic NPC dialog when you forcefully attack him
Fixed:Abandoned Church:Young cultists take 0 damage from arrow spray
Fixed:[Cyseal] Tenebrium is gone from stats, though you find items with + tenebrium
Fixed:[Gameplay] Jahan should get 1 point in Air Elementalist" baseline, because he already knows most Air 1 spells
Fixed:Trip (rogue skill) has shorter range than dagger melee range
Fixed:[Gameplay] Removed ability Reflexes is still available in Char Creation Screen and you can put points in it
Fixed:Charm, Intimidate and Reason abilities are assigned to some classes, but you can not cancel their appointment
Fixed:Cyseal - items not placed in correct category in interface
Fixed:Reveal Spell scroll can be used in crafting
Fixed:To be "Obedient" does give the player a point boost to willpower, being "Independent" does not.
Fixed:"Obedient" trait has a tooltip in which there is no description
Fixed:Fear tooltip mentions Reflexes penalty
Fixed:Venomous strike has no icon (beta v1.0.15)
Fixed:Incorrect tooltip for the Blind skill
Fixed:[Gameplay] Warrior skill Helping Hand can be used on yourself
Fixed:Thrown crate in tutorial lands above stairs, rather than on them
Fixed:Path finding error in the burning area south of the star stone
Fixed:Cyseal - warehouse - picked up bottle or ingredient and it said picked up Crystal Ingredient A
Fixed:[Gameplay] Bossfights in Cyseal/Black Cove that lack skills/only auto-attack
Fixed:Cyseal - evelynn lair - tool tongue has not name or info
Fixed:Cyseal - 609 180 - clean up ai mesh next to bridge - not supposed to go there?
Fixed:Madora objects if you convince Robert to give Bertia the gold, as if you were keeping it for yourself
Fixed:Cyseal - spam in chat from recruits when inside aureus office
Fixed:[gameplay] you cant target characters in icebocks, but the AI can
Fixed:Can farm summoned enemies for their XP (exploit?)
Fixed:[Cyseal] AD of Astarte singing
Fixed:[Gameplay] Incorrect display name for broken hedge gate
Fixed:[Gameplay] Buried Mummy combat log spam in tutorial area
Fixed:At the gate, where Arhu is waiting, the Journal can be updated, but new entries in it dont appear
Fixed:Tiny twins hitbox too small, hard\impossible to target.
Fixed:Zixzax dialog about defeat of Braccus before you actually fight him
Fixed:Experience exploits, with Jake in the graveyard and the sparing legionnaires
Fixed:Cannot confront Thelyron after reading his diary in the Undertakers hut
Fixed:Cultist battles in Evelyns lair start before dialog happens
Fixed:Block with NPCs breaking out of one dialogue to react to another charatcers theft or moving stuff
Fixed:[Gameplay] Arhu Controller:press angry-angry-angry -> ADs from characters are overlapping, cant read them
Fixed:[Gameplay] Using Arhu Controller when in combat with the Robot in the cave -> causes friendly NPCs to hit the robot
Fixed:[Gameplay] Arhu Controllers effects do not work in several cases
Fixed:Cyseal - Trap House door cant be opened from inside
Fixed:[Gameplay] Completing Eglandaers quest does not give XP
Fixed:[Gameplay] Arhu Controller -> cant get it if you do not join Fabulous Five
Fixed:[Gameplay] Zombies on death create too big poison surfaces
Fixed:[Gameplay] Arhu Robot quest:Questlog mentions we meet "Yoran" but Yoran doesnt exist, the guy is now called Visco
Fixed:Cyseal - item interaction issues in cyseal (barrels/crates you cant open)
Fixed:[Cyseal] Zix Zax is invisible in Homestead
Fixed:Can pick up the Ornate Chest from The End Time
Fixed:Cyseal - Fletcher complains of stealing others property if you pick up anything on her table
Fixed:Enfeeble has no spell effect when cast on a target + tooltip is unclear
Fixed:Dialog doesnt change regardless of other men survive (North Cyseal cave entrance).
Fixed:Homestead - After the completion of the dual dialogue the exclamation mark is still displayed above characters
Fixed:Enfeeble skill cast by enemy on players -> has no icon showing the debuff
Fixed:Two "floating hand" portals in the homestead
Fixed:Arhu Robot Cave -> the "get in combat" trigger is way too far off
Fixed:BlackCove - Desdemona her dialog What are you doing here? is repeatable, but no response is given No stats for item
Fixed:You can trade with Billeh Gahr (Black Cove) -> hes an enemy
Fixed:FUR_Carpet_Bear_A_Brown_000 doesnt have an AI bound.It needs it because its moveable
Fixed:[Polish] Cyseal - Septimus struts and flexes even when esmeralda is not there
Fixed:[Cyseal] Items inside warehouse are too strong for early game
Fixed:Hopping chest doesnt hop.
Fixed:[Cyseal] Cant pickpocket items from Eglandaer
Fixed:Cyseal_TuT Area - Unable to pick up loot, if it drops on a spot of the broken chest
Fixed:Orc Fight on the Beach - Quest is completed before the Arhu opens the gate
Fixed:Cyseal - if you attack junius/bibius while they are doing the scene where they see orcs, they still run during combat
Fixed:Homestead - Character cannot pick up a Vial
Fixed:Bellegar (cyseal) is going at running speed with walking animation
Fixed:[Cyseal] Line about digging after you close "Reveal Spell" book
Fixed:Homestead - The main hall has no map
Fixed:Pig head hanging on the ceiling of the Cyseal Inn
Fixed:Graphical Corruption Waypoint Shrines
Fixed:Empty tooltip when triggering 3rd room unlock in Homestead
Fixed:One-shotting NPCs causes the player to bypass any combat, no NPC reacts to it (CallForHelp not registered?)
Fixed:[Cyseal] You can trade with Evelyn in her lair, drops everything you sold upon death
Fixed:Cyseal - burning ship scene already starts when you loot the chest left of the bridge
Fixed:Can skip Braccus Rex his intro dialog (trigger) by attacking him from range
Fixed:Zombie Jake dying during the Evelyn bossfight causes weird behavior & makes him explode on death
Fixed:Thelyron doesnt change his act or attitude after characters killed Evelyn.
Fixed:Standing before the forcefield in the church, it is possible to see and click on Jake
Fixed:In Black Cove characters can go downstairs by taking shortcut.
Fixed:Abandoned House camera bug
Fixed:King Crab Cellar legal\illegal action on the same stairs
Fixed:[Cyseal] Door is called "Garden Back Door Key"
Fixed:Cyseal:jake is missing if you do the church first, before going to evelynn lair
Fixed:Cyseal - key on Aureus bookshelf is hard to pick up
Fixed:Companion starts story dialog if stealing when other char is already in dialog with that npc
Fixed:[Cyseal] No zombie Jake at the Evelyns fight
Fixed:Thelyrons triggered dialog at Cyseal church can happen when he is set offstage
Fixed:[Cyseal] Charred-Bone Idol has no destroyed/death animation
Fixed:Mirror in room for char cust:the whole party is visible
Fixed:Crafting - cant create cup of oil anymore
Fixed:Incorrect update in questlog about "The story of the stones"
Fixed:Cannot complete Arhus Failed Experiment quest (Cyseal)
Fixed:[Dialog] New player comment after trading with Shereth (Cyseal tavern top floor)
Fixed:[Gameplay] If you fail to destroy Snorris object he doesnt do anything & quest doesnt close
Fixed:Unlimited number of chests after completion of Ebenezers quest.
Fixed:Put out the burning ship before entering Cyseal, and a couple sailors will continue to throw buckets of water at it
Fixed:One of the seaside thugs is a woman, but has a man icon
Fixed:Legionnaires wont attack if character try to steal.
Fixed:Stub dialogue for rats in burial mounds
Fixed:Cyseal_TuT Area - The spot of door activation is on the stairs place, where the player clicks to go
Fixed:The door in mortician house doesnt close.
Fixed:Destroy Summon spell deals 1 damage to an enemy summon
Fixed:Tutorial dungeon, electric trap:the pressure point to disable the trap is past the vent image
Fixed:Stealing:you can take items from esmeralda s shop and they end up in your inventory when she wants to sell it to you
Fixed:Can trade with the Graveyard Madman, this guy is an enemy (immediately tries to kill you after the convo)
Fixed:Zombie Troll in Cyseal:If I attack him from range -> gets the generic citizen dialog
Fixed:[Cyseal] Sea Shells chest can be looted without completing quest
Fixed:Cant use the option "arrest" in dialog with Aureus.
Fixed:Inscription "cant reach" appear when try to loot bone pile.
Fixed:[Gameplay] Arhu Robot encounter can be bugged out by summoning elementals and attacking with it outside trigger range
Fixed:Cyseal - Evelynn house - if you kill Steven, Boris drops dead
Fixed:Aureus can be asked twice to free Esmeralda.
Fixed:Arrowhead without any description/stats
Fixed:Thelyrons Clinic - Game gets stuck if the characters are teleported during the dialog
Fixed:The autosave at the first Zixzax stonezap encounter in the inn is broken -- script is lost
Fixed:Quest doesnt update after defeating robot in North cave.
Fixed:Cathedral cultists have weird resistances
Fixed:Whetstones now work on daggers and knives too
Fixed:Using knife or dagger on a tooth now creates a stunning arrowhead
Fixed:As charm/intimidate/reason potions dont exist anymore, a charming arrowhead is now made with Drudanae
Fixed:Using a normal arrowhead on an arrow shaft creates a normal arrow which is basically useless
Fixed:The descriptions of normal arrowhead, arrow shaft and normal arrow now tell you what to do with them so you dont create a useless arrow
Fixed:Added arrows and arrowheads to the treasure table that werent there yet
Fixed:Added arrowhead combos that were not in combolist yet
Fixed:Fixed minimum level of scrolls so that you wouldnt always find just scrolls in low level containers
Fixed:Arrow shafts should not be so hard to find anymore
Fixed:Added arrow ingredients to random loot
Fixed:Fixed level of Blank Skillbooks and Blank Scrolls
Fixed:Fixed wooden stake icon and visual
Fixed:Added wooden stake to treasure
Fixed:Fixed pocketknife icon
Fixed:Added pocketknife to treasure
Fixed:New names for dagger weapons so that theyre more easily distinguishable
Fixed:Reveal spell now has its own stats, i.e.cannot be used for crafting anymore and shows up in the correct inventory tab
Fixed:Wolf Summon now has more CON and is immune to freezing and chilled
Fixed:Spider Summon immunity and stats
Fixed:Undead Knight Summon has more armour
Fixed:Summon tooltips describe differences between summons better
Fixed:Fear no longer has effect on Reflexes, Reflexes not part of the game
Fixed:Trip skill distance increased
Fixed:Charming Touch distance increased
Fixed:Cannot use helping hand on self anymore
Fixed:Summon skills will now show up in the correct skill category
Fixed:Changed "summon x for 24s turns" to "summon x for 24s"

by thegfw

神界:原罪(Divinity: Original Sin)測試版14號升級檔+原創免DVD補丁(感謝會員thegfw原創製作)神界:原罪 測試版14號升級檔+遊俠原創免DVD補丁(感謝遊俠會員thegfw原創製作)(迅雷快傳)
神界:原罪(Divinity: Original Sin)測試版14號升級檔+原創免DVD補丁(感謝會員thegfw原創製作)神界:原罪 測試版14號升級檔+遊俠原創免DVD補丁(感謝遊俠會員thegfw原創製作)(QQ旋風)
神界:原罪(Divinity: Original Sin)測試版14號升級檔+原創免DVD補丁(感謝會員thegfw原創製作)神界:原罪 測試版14號升級檔+遊俠原創免DVD補丁(感謝遊俠會員thegfw原創製作)(百度網盤)



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