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飢荒(Don’t Starve)史詩世界MOD V20161216






Hi there, here is one of my last project "Epic World", it's a special mod for Reign of Giant which brings a lot of new stuff in your world.

I will keep updating that mod when I will have the time, it's supposed to bring a lot of new bosses and dangerous mobs, I will also try to make some cool new items that worth it)

With this mod Maxwell is very active and will keep an eye on you(options), each day there will be some chances for him to spawn and try to demoralize you.

The world is now more wild than ever, every 8 days(options) a random event among the following list will happen:
-Giant Stone Worm
-Mosquito Infestation
-Shadow Soldiers Attack
-Alien Ship Traveling
-Big Foot Encounter

The giant stone worm is an ancestor of the wormhole, before spawning a lot of earth quake will happen and then he will appear from the ground dealing damage and destroying anything in range of his spot, you must know that he came here for a special reason, death, he will spit a lot of stuff from his stomach including rocks, mobs especially a lot of things from the caves, be careful to not get hurt by an object falling on your head!

The mosquito infestation is an event where a giant infested pond will spawn near the most advanced player base and start spawning a lot of mosquitos spreading in the area, it will remain active for 4 days until the player put enought fishes or 3 eels inside with a total of 10(1 eel=3 fishes, so 3 eels + 1 fish is also enought), with enought fishes the mosquito eggs will be destroyed and no more will spawn.If the actual season is winter all present mosquitos will die and the pond won't spawn anymore.

The shadow soldier attack is an event similar to the nightmare cycle of the ruins, where after a lot of shadow fissures will spawn and spawn shadow soldiers killing anything on their way.The shadow soldier has 220 health, deals 40 damages and when killed will drop(50% nightmarefuel, 5% purple gem, 1% night sword, 1% armor sanity).
They will also die after 2 days outside of their darkness world.

The alien ship is a mob traveling the map spawning only at dusk or night, he will follow the player for a moment and then leave the map, but these aliens aren't that smart because they let a way out of all the animals they managed to capture, so when traveling the ship will drop a lot of different mobs in the area which will end in a big free for all war.

The random big foot encounter is an event which will play the old bell sound for a moment and then a big foot will spawn from nowhere, the player should quickly leave his base when hearing the sound if he doesn't want it to be destroyed.

So these are all the map events for now but this is not over, you must really be careful during full moon because a lot of dangerous mobs decided to come out so you may encounter ghosts, werepigs, beardlords, hounds, ice hounds and even wargs!

There is also a new kind of hound, the lightning hound:

He has 200 health, deals 30 damages, will do a lightning strike when killed, the player can be electrocuted when attacking him and when killed he will drop one monster meat, one gold nugget and 1% of chances for a yellow gem.
He will also become a source of light during the night and replace the ice/fire hound during the spring season where he will spawn from houndmound, warg or the hound hunt attack.

A new boss is also present, the Fortress, he will spawn every 40 days(options):

* Health:5000; Damages:120(80 player) x2
Special abilities:
* can do 4 groundpound attack like the bearger.
* can do a charge which is almost impossible to avoid.
* can spell 4 lightning strike which will heal him.
* become a source of light during night and attacking him can electrocute.
* if far away from the player he has chance to teleport near him each new day.
* if health bellow 75%, 4 damaged knight will come to help him.
* if health bellow 50%, he will be able to use a shield to protect him.
* if health bellow 25%, 3 damage rook will come to help him.
When killed he will drop:4-6 gears, 2 frazzled wires, 1 nightmarefuel, 1 fortress key.

When starting a new map with this mod, an new area will be created.That area got a lot of damages chess monsters guarding a special treasure chest called the ancient chest which is actualy locked and can only be open by using the fortress key.When opened the player will gain sanity and the chest will remain unlocked for the whole season, the player must be careful because it will lock again on a new season and spawn a lot of guards around it, a new fortress key will be needed to open it again for a new loot.If you don't want to restart a new world to have acces to that chest you can just spawn it by yourself with the console.

* What are the options?
-You can change the delay before an event happen.
-You can change the delay before the fortress spawn.
-You disable the harrasing Maxwell.


飢荒 史詩世界MOD;我將巨人世界作了精心修改,每八天將會發生一個特殊事件。還有一種新的獵犬,閃電獵犬。還有一個每40天刷新一只的BOSS。


飢荒(Don’t Starve)史詩世界MOD V20161216

飢荒(Don’t Starve)史詩世界MOD V20161216

飢荒(Don’t Starve)史詩世界MOD V20161216


飢荒 史詩世界MOD V20161216



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